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  • SIP Call Process

    Wireshark VoIP Challenge: Protect the Flow

    The objective of my career has been pretty simple up until¬†recently. Bad guys want information X. Keep bad guys from taking information X. Simple enough. There’s also an Appendix to that objective. Bad guys always want to take information X. Build a program to stop bad guys from taking information X. Routinely check the infrastructure […]

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  • Wireshark

    Wireshark VoIP Challenge

    Knock off those network analysis cobwebs by downloading the file below and taking part in the Wireshark VoIP challenge. This a a short capture but a tricky one. Wireshark PCAP File MD5 Hash:¬†139b7dfea64ee097a4a415ba320cc5b6 The Challenge I’m currently putting together a new VoIP class and came across a nasty little Linux program that can manipulate VoIP […]

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  • pineapple

    Clients React to the WiFi Pineapple

    The WiFi Pineapple is a very evil rogue access point (AP) that can quite easily trick an unsuspecting WiFi enabled device or user into connecting to itself. It does this mainly through a suite of programs called PineAP. Thanks to the makers of the WiFi Pineapple, Hak5, their website is full of Get Started tutorials […]

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