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  • GPS Tracker

    Anatomy of a Malicious GPS Tracker

    This is the kind of stuff I love. Recently I was given a GPS tracker from an individual. This tracker had been embedded in a victim’s car for 6 years. The following video examines the tracker’s components and method of install. Below the video you’ll find some close-up photos of the device. GPS Tracker Photos […]

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  • Math of the 555 Timer

    Math of the 555 Timer

    If you’ve been following along with the 555 timer series, this video describes how to derive the formula that describes the timing of the circuit. Starting with just 2 components, we’ll work our way to an answer.

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  • PWM Oscope

    How to Control the Duty Cycle of a 555 Timer

    Continuing with a focus on the 555 timer, this video tutorial looks at how to vary the pulse width of a 555 timer’s output. It’s all possible with just a a hand full┬ácomponents. By varying the duty cycle one may vary┬áthe blink rate on an LED or the voltage being fed to a servo. Enjoy! […]

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