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Grad Students Find Undocumented Functions in SCADA Protocol

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have been an area of security concern for the past decade and was dramatically highlighted in the media with the whole Iran nuclear enrichment fiasco. When someone screws with your computer or smart-phone with a virus, it’s quite an inconvenience, but when someone starts taking out your power or shutting down […]


Make a Printed Circuit Board in KiCad

***This article has been superseded by a better one. I’ve made 3 videos that go over how to produce a PCB with Kicad. You can access thos videos here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Of all the skills I’ve picked up over the last few years, learning how to design a printed circuit board […]


The Skinny: Spike by Ike

This is the first installment of a regular column I’m entitling “The Skinny.” Pages like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have emptied many a tech’s wallet as of late. Need I remind everyone of HackRF? Probably not. This column will be dedicated to sorting through and finding those cool new toys we all dream of greeting us on Christmas […]