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555 Timers

Cascading 555 Timers for Custom Blinking LEDs

For the past several weeks we’ve looked at blinky LEDs, 555 timers, and resistors. This week it’s time to put it all together into an application. A YouTube subscriber suggested the project as follows: How would you go about having an led blink twice, then a different one blink twice, then back to the original […]

9V Telephone Project

9 Volt, Battery Powered, Telephone Intercom System

When I was developing the VoIP Fundamentals course, I wanted a demonstration to illustrate the simplicity of the public switched telephone network. After combing through the internet, I came across this ingenious little¬†project. With just a 9V battery, a resistor, a telephone cord, and a couple of phones you can create a simple little intercom […]


Disgusting Hard Apple Cider Experiment

Lately I’ve found myself surrounded by amateur brewers. Many of my colleagues and friends have really bought into making their own beer or cider and I’ve been curious about the process. Below is a video of what happens when you have no idea what you are doing.