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Wireshark VoIP Challenge

Knock off those network analysis cobwebs by downloading the file below and taking part in the Wireshark VoIP challenge. This a a short capture but a tricky one. Wireshark PCAP File MD5 Hash: 139b7dfea64ee097a4a415ba320cc5b6 The Challenge I’m currently putting together a new VoIP class and came across a nasty little Linux program that can manipulate VoIP […]


Make a Printed Circuit Board in KiCad

***This article has been superseded by a better one. I’ve made 3 videos that go over how to produce a PCB with Kicad. You can access thos videos here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Of all the skills I’ve picked up over the last few years, learning how to design a printed circuit board […]