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  • Hi Jason.
    I fly large noisy helicopters & wear earplugs & often have problems with not enough radio & or intercom volume. CEP’s (speaker inside ear plug ) are an option but uncomfortable on a long day. I have asked aircraft avionic shops about an amp and they could not come up with anything. So the LM 386 you talk about in your video I understand will increase the max volume. Do you make these units for sale.
    Peter Avery.

    • Hi Peter,

      I don’t know much about aviation audio systems, so I’m not really sure if the LM386 could help. I am expecting that your helicopter produces some kind of electrical noise in flight and that your radio and intercom are built to deal with that interference. The LM386 doesn’t handle noise very well. However, if your cabin speaker connects to your radio via some type of wiring, there’s a possibility you could cut into those wires, insert an amp, and drive the speakers that way. There would definitely need to be some testing. It could be that your speakers are already pumping out their maximum capability. In that case amplifying the audio could degrade the quality and damage the speakers.

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