Skinny Network Tap


Unpowered network tap kit to monitor the transmit or the receive of wired LAN communications. The Skinny Network will work with 10/100 Megabit and Gigabit infrastructure and is compatible with Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Parts included:

(1) 0.047uF Capacitor
(4) RJ-45 Jacks
(1) Skinny Network Tap PCB

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The Skinny Network Tap is a completely unpowered network tap for wired Ethernet connections. Monitor network traffic to or from a wired target by simply plugging a monitoring computer into the transmit or receive port of the tap. The network tap can accommodate 10/100 Mbps connections as well as PoE devices. For gigabit devices, the Skinny Network Tap comes equipped with a single capacitor that is used to force gigabit devices to down shift to 10/100 Mbps mode. This allows your monitoring device to still be able to capture traffic from the appropriate port at the appropriate speed.

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