The Phantom


The Phantom is a very flexible training device giving one the ability to set up natural pair, split pair, and phantom mode signals all while being able to control microphone gain.

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The Phantom has an extensive training capability. With very little effort involved, a trainer can produce natural pair, split pair, or phantom mode signals at the flip of a switch. Feel free to use it on analog, digital, VOIP/Ethernet, or blank twisted pair lines. Also, audio signals can also be split between two different twisted pair cables.

The Phantom is protected up to 100V on its line interface, so there is no worry of damage to the device in a PBX or Ethernet environment.

In addition, the audio produced by the Phantom is gain controlled. If the microphone is too loud, simply turn the gain control knob down to set an appropriate level.

Plug The Phantom inline with any cable terminated with an RJ-45 or RJ-11 style plug.

Requires (1) 9V battery (not included).


  • Arrange audio in a natural, split, or phantom mode configuration.
  • Adjustable microphone gain control.
  • Capable of bridging a microphone between two separate cables.
  • Configure microphone leads to connect to a maximum of 16 different conductors in a variety of combinations.
  • 100VDC protection on line in/out interfaces.

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