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555 Timer Monostable Mode

How to Use a 555 Timer in Monostable Mode

It’s been about a year since my last tutorial. Over the last year I learned that teaching in the real world will take away time from teaching in the virtual world. Many people have contacted me asking about a tutorial for the 555 timer in Monostable mode. The great thing about this mode is that you […]

PWM Oscope

How to Control the Duty Cycle of a 555 Timer

Continuing with a focus on the 555 timer, this video tutorial looks at how to vary the pulse width of a 555 timer’s output. It’s all possible with just a a hand full components. By varying the duty cycle one may vary the blink rate on an LED or the voltage being fed to a servo. Enjoy! […]

LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit

How To Use KiCad to Make a Printed Circuit Board: Part 1

Welcome to the first ever Skinny Research and Development tutorial. In this episode I’ll teach you how to use the schematic (Eeschema) portion of KiCad to layout a circuit design. This is Part 1 of a three episode series to show how to take a hand written schematic and turn it into a manufactured circuit board. […]