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Skinny Secure 002: Hackers vs Hackers, Airplanes vs Thumb-drives, & Students vs Teachers

Microsoft Hacked, Hackers Rejoice, Hackers Hacked Yesterday the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) hacked several Microsoft Twitter accounts. The SEA is a contingent of hackers that are supportive of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. After immediately taking credit for the attack and bragging all over the internet, they are today nursing a small wound of having their […]

Knock Knock

Skinny Secure 001: Monthly Technical Security Update

Every month I will be endeavoring to bring you little security snippets that may be of interest to all the techs out there. This last month has been an interesting one. Below you’ll find the Chinese agricultural espionage, billionaire security, systems, and a how to for getting the NSA’s undivided attention. General Interest -Most burglaries […]


Grad Students Find Undocumented Functions in SCADA Protocol

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have been an area of security concern for the past decade and was dramatically highlighted in the media with the whole Iran nuclear enrichment fiasco. When someone screws with your computer or smart-phone with a virus, it’s quite an inconvenience, but when someone starts taking out your power or shutting down […]