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PWM Oscope

How to Control the Duty Cycle of a 555 Timer

Continuing with a focus on the 555 timer, this video tutorial looks at how to vary the pulse width of a 555 timer’s output. It’s all possible with just a a hand full components. By varying the duty cycle one may vary the blink rate on an LED or the voltage being fed to a servo. Enjoy! […]

9V Telephone Project

9 Volt, Battery Powered, Telephone Intercom System

When I was developing the VoIP Fundamentals course, I wanted a demonstration to illustrate the simplicity of the public switched telephone network. After combing through the internet, I came across this ingenious little project. With just a 9V battery, a resistor, a telephone cord, and a couple of phones you can create a simple little intercom […]


Amp Mods, Skinny News, and Charity

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope your holidays were refreshing and filled with hope, family, and friends. In this video I’ll be talking about a modification on the LM386 amp design used in the KiCad tutorial, we’ll discuss using a stereo output jack with a single-ended output, we’ll talk about the near future of Skinny […]


Disgusting Hard Apple Cider Experiment

Lately I’ve found myself surrounded by amateur brewers. Many of my colleagues and friends have really bought into making their own beer or cider and I’ve been curious about the process. Below is a video of what happens when you have no idea what you are doing.