Welcome to Skinny Research & Development.

Please excuse the mess as we update our site. If you are looking for information on training, you will find the full list of our class offerings below. For a course catalog containing all class information, including daily schedules and lists of materials students will receive, or for questions about any of our other services, your can reach us at contact@skinnyrd.com


  • VoIP Fundamentals
  • TSCM Essentials
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures VoIP
  • TSCM Practical Applications
  • TSCM Cyber Applications
  • Cyber Intrusion Fundamentals
  • SCADA Intrusion Fundamentals
  • Zero-Day Fundamentals
  • Rogue Labs- Red Team 1
  • Rogue Labs- Red Team 1 Self Paced

Upcoming Events

  • VoIP Fundamentals– April 22-26, Huntsville, AL. Closed
  • SCADA Intrusion Fundamentals– April 29- May 3, Huntsville, AL. 8 slots available
  • TSCM Practical Applications– April 29- May 3, Huntsville, AL. 9 slots available
  • SOF Week– May 6-10, Tampa, FL
  • Cyber Intrusion Fundamentals- May 13-17, Huntsville, AL. 10 slots available
  • SCADA Intrusion Fundamentals– May 27-31, Huntsville, AL. 3 slots available
  • Teaching at NATIA– July 14-18. Come say hello!
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