Welcome to Skinny R & D. This is a community-focused enterprise that provides custom engineering solutions, tailored technical instruction, and educational resources for techs. We serve to not only solve problems but to bring excitement, motivation, and inspiration to the tech community.

What is a Tech?

A tech is a member of the technical security community either by trade or interest who also has a passion for electronics, computers, photography, mechanics, etc… Those of us who are truly techs realize that in order to bolster our security skills, we must have an abiding curiosity for advances in every area of technology. By applying all that we learn in other fields to our security solutions, we can better protect the resources entrusted to our care.


This is not a normal business. Normal is boring. Normal is greedy. Normal isn’t flexible. Normal doesn’t contribute. This business is not about being normal, it’s about community.

Our focus is on building up technicians and engineers to give them the tools and knowledge to excel. We want you to be better. Actually, we want you to be the best, and we want you to be excited about it.


If you’ve ever said, “Why did they make it this way?!?!” out of frustration, you’ve found a problem worth solving. Skinny R & D was born out of the frustration of seeing great ideas go unrealized. Your technical problem or pain is our business. If you’re having an issue, let us know.


We are passionate about education but education is worthless in a technical realm if it has no application. We hope to give educational tools, classes, and reference materials that are directly applicable to your job. Filling your head full of theories and figures accomplishes nothing. Our aim is to take information and present it in a way that is directly applicable for the technician.