Adjusting Frequency of an Astable Multivibrator

In the previous article we discussed using the astable multivibrator as a duel output timer. By just adjusting a resistor and capacitor, you can set the timing to whatever you want. I want to explore that option further and show how this is done, the effect you can expect, and how you can also adjust the duty cycle.

Frequency Adjustment Video


The schematics are the same as the previous article but here they are again for convenience.

Video Version:

CAD Version:

Parts List

9V Battery Connector |
9V Battery |
Breadboard |
Jumper Wire Kit |
LED Kit |
1kΩ, 100kΩ, & 220kΩ Resistors |
10µF, 0.1µF, & 270µF Capacitors |
Rigol DS1052E Oscope |

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