Build Your Own TSCM Practical Applications Lab

So you’ve come through TSCM Practical Applications; now what? Now you are jonesing to equip your own mad scientist lab and keep the good times going! We sent you home with a glorious array of components, kits and knowledge, but you need the tools. We hear you; those kits aren’t going to build themselves! Below you will find links to the tools and equipment we use in class.

Hakko Soldering Station

KOTTO Solder Fume Extractor 

KOTTO Helping Hand

Silicone Heat Resistant Soldering Mat


Hakko Micro Cutter

Klein Tools Wire Stripper

Solder Sucker Desoldering Tool

Palm Drill for Breaking Traces (we haven’t been able to find a good U.S. source for this type of tool; if you have, please share)

Head Mount Magnifying Visor

QuadHands LED 3X Magnifier (might be worth exploring if you get the KOTTO Helping Hand)

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