Cascading 555 Timers for Custom Blinking LEDs

555 Timers

For the past several weeks we’ve looked at blinky LEDs, 555 timers, and resistors. This week it’s time to put it all together into an application. A YouTube subscriber suggested the project as follows:

How would you go about having an led blink twice, then a different one blink twice, then back to the original one, and repeat; similar to a navigational light system on an airplane wing?

The stipulation was that the circuit needed to be built from a 555 timer. Takes some time to think about the problem. Maybe re-watch some of the other videos. When you’re ready continue to the answer below.

5 thoughts on “Cascading 555 Timers for Custom Blinking LEDs”

  1. I have no background in electronics but have a basic understanding how some components relate to each through working on motorcycle systems for??? (too long LOL) After watching the first two 555 timer video’s I think I have a fair idea how it’s going to be done with some extra diodes and capacitors? I’ll check out the answer after posting this

  2. I was getting a bit confused by the direction diode was drawn until a little further on in the video when it was explained. I’m used to a common ground and don’t even think about current flow to ground through the PNP transistor. I wondered how it could get a ‘negative’ signal. Still have a lot to learn Another great video. Thanks

      1. Hey Jason I really like this video. I’m trying to get my 15 year old daughter into electronics and I was wondering if you have the schematic for this video. This is a great design but I really need the components to build her a working stop light for her bedroom.
        Also, I was wondering if you would be available to let me run some ideas past you, in confidence and possibly a partner in, ideas for real life application. I have several ideas or, I should say inventions, that I would love to talk to you about.
        Thx, I really like your videos so keep it up.
        Shane Bruno

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