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Zero-Day Research: CVE-2023-48024 and CVE-2023-48025

Striking a harmonious balance between high-level abstraction and low-level hardware control, the C programming language proves to be efficient for resource-constrained embedded systems. C programs can be finely tuned to optimize memory usage and execution speed, a critical consideration in embedded applications where resources are at a premium.  Despite the many benefits of the C …

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Bugging DeviceBugging Device

Hiring a Proficient Bugsweep Team

Before we get started, you should know I am not pushing my own bug sweeping services. I do not sell my services commercially. I have 15 years of experience in technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) and am often called upon to give advice regarding many aspects of this profession. I gain nothing from this article other …

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Wireshark VoIP Challenge

Knock off those network analysis cobwebs by downloading the file below and taking part in the Wireshark VoIP challenge. This a a short capture but a tricky one. Wireshark PCAP File MD5 Hash: 139b7dfea64ee097a4a415ba320cc5b6 The Challenge I’m currently putting together a new VoIP class and came across a nasty little Linux program that can manipulate VoIP …

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Math of the 555 Timer

Math of the 555 Timer

If you’ve been following along with the 555 timer series, this video describes how to derive the formula that describes the timing of the circuit. Starting with just 2 components, we’ll work our way to an answer.