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Single LED

How to Use an LED

In this weeks video we’ll take a look at how to use an LED. There are tons of LED related projects out there but what if you want to integrate LEDs in your own project? When your finished with this video you’ll be able to pick the appropriate type of LED for your project and …

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555 Timer Circuit

555 Timer Output Stage

The 555 timer has many uses and in this video we’ll explore two different ways to utilize the output. First we’ll see how the the timer can be used to source and sink current and secondly we’ll look at a way to use the timer as a control mechanism for another circuit. If you missed …

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How to Build a Passive Network Tap

In the course of my normal job, it’s surprising how often field expedient solutions are used to solve a problem. However, those field expedient solutions are impossible unless you understand the underlying principles involved. In this video I’ll look at Ethernet infrastructure, discuss how it works, and build a passive network tap.

Auto Answer: Feature or Vulnerability

Auto Answer is a feature in many VoIP phones that allows the phone to go off-hook the very instant a call is received by the instrument. In this video we’ll look at how this feature is setup and talk about the security vulnerabilities. NIST Report: Link Video Conferencing Auto Answer: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

VoIP Phones

VoIP Dialing Without a PBX

At one time I had the misconception that you had to have an IP PBX to use a VoIP phone, but it’s simply not true. In this video I’ll show you how to dial another VoIP phone without routing through the PBX or SIP Proxy. Linphone: Grandstream phones for under $50: