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Amp Mods, Skinny News, and Charity

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope your holidays were refreshing and filled with hope, family, and friends. In this video I’ll be talking about a modification on the LM386 amp design used in the KiCad tutorial, we’ll discuss using a stereo output jack with a single-ended output, we’ll talk about the near future of Skinny …

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Amp in a Jar

A Beginners Guide to the LM386 Amplifier Circuit

After creating the amp in a jar by using KiCAD, I felt like it would be appropriate to review the workhorse in the circuit. So today’s video as a tutorial about how to use the LM386 audio amplifier. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Link from the Video:

Monumental Security Practices

Every time I take someone sight seeing in DC, I can’t un-see them. I should be alright with CCTV cameras hanging off of structures. I’m a security professional. We eat vulnerabilities for breakfast and birth countermeasures at dinner. This, however is different. Let me demonstrate my frustration. First, take the lovely Abraham Lincoln Memorial. Be …

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