Mr. Radar: Layer 1 Recon

When assessing a building’s network security from an adversarial perspective, it can often be helpful to look for open network ports that are easily accessible. These ports can provide a means for an adversary to plug in a convert network device and may also provide the means by which further network compromise may be possible. …

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555 Timer Circuit

555 Timer Output Stage

The 555 timer has many uses and in this video we’ll explore two different ways to utilize the output. First we’ll see how the the timer can be used to source and sink current and secondly we’ll look at a way to use the timer as a control mechanism for another circuit. If you missed …

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Disgusting Hard Apple Cider Experiment

Lately I’ve found myself surrounded by amateur brewers. Many of my colleagues and friends have really bought into making their own beer or cider and I’ve been curious about the process. Below is a video of what happens when you have no idea what you are doing.

4 Hour Table

How to Build a 4 Hour Table

On Thursday morning I woke to the realization that we needed a table in our guest bedroom for a visiting friend. Brandy and I talked about the options and after browsing around the internet, decided to make our own. I have been a big fan of the hipster “paid $1000 dollars for furniture resembling something …

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