Skinny R&D supplies security consulting in 2 distinct but related realms: Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) and Adversarial Assessments.


Skinny R&D has 20 years of experience in the TSCM field. From training to consulting, we can provide the guidance your organization needs to have an effective TSCM program. We do not directly provide commercial TSCM “sweeping” services, but we do provide practical steps to develop a TSCM program given your current mission context. We will help:

  • Determine the breadth, type, and style of the TSCM program needed.
  • Guide the decision to use private contractors or inhouse team members to conduct sweeps.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of any current contract or inhouse team.
  • Suggest equipment and systems to reduce the risk of technical surveillance.
  • Suggest training, sometimes other than our own, to build your team’s proficiency with TSCM equipment, tactics, and procedures.
  • Train management, staff, and contractors in ways to reduce the risk of technical surveillance.
  • Provide guidance for countermeasures deployments during meetings, events, and other special events.

Adversarial Assessments

Skinny R&D provides threat assessments based on how an adversary attempts to disrupt your operations. Whether through a collaborative purple team experience, through a completely covert close access operation, or through cyber red teaming network operations, we can provide the insights you need to become resilient in the face of physical or technical compromise.

At Skinny R&D we have noticed that in many organizations IT and security departments do not collaborate as often as they should. We demonstrate how adversaries leveraging physical security can affect IT and how leveraging IT can affect physical security. We provide a holistic adversarial scenario to show how each stakeholder has a role to play.

Our goal is to show you the cracks in your policies, procedures, and postures that lead to true, mission affecting, compromise. This gives stakeholders the unvarnished truth of their current security posture while participating in a low stakes, collaborative effort to improve resiliency and defensive posture.