Live Stream: Make a Blinky Badge with KiCad

This week we’ll be looking at making a blinky badge in KiCad. Blinky badges are those circuit boards you see hanging around people’s necks at any nerd related conference. Some of them are highly sophisticated and some are just eye candy. Just about all of them blink.

The hope of this live stream is to teach how to import logos to add to a PCB, using power flags, and making unique designs for your PCB.

The live stream link is here:
We’ll be starting up on May 12th at 10am Central.

You will need to accomplish the following things before the live stream.

  • Download and install KiCad if you haven’t already.
  • Choose a simple shaped logo or design that has few colors. The colors it does have should be contrasting colors. Also, make sure the image is converted to bitmap (bmp). Here is an example.
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