Basic Electronics Applications (C)

Target Audience: Government TSCM and Security Professionals

Where: Huntsville, AL
When: You Pick the Date

Prerequisites: Some soldering and basic electronics experience is helpful.

Maximum Number of Class Slots: 12
Minimum Needed for a Class: 3

Price per Student Slot: $5,695.00
Please Contact Us for purchasing information or if you have any questions.

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The Skinny R&D Basic Electronics Applications class is for those individuals who want to be challenged to solve technical operational problems by leveraging a knowledge of electronics. This class teaches basics electronics, schematic reading, electronic design, and soldering by challenging students to build low cost, effective counter-surveillance gear. Students of all electronics skill levels are welcome to attend.

At the conclusion of this course students will be able to build their own countermeasures gear from low cost, commercial-off-the-shelf materials and will improve their depth of knowledge in regards to fundamental and esoteric attack strategies.

Topics will include:

  • Ultrasound
  • Alternate Light Source (ALS)
  • Light Manipulation
  • Infrared Light
  • Lens Detection
  • RF Detection
  • Electronic Design and Prototyping

Student will receive an electronics kit for each topic covered, headphones, all software used in class, and an electronic component tool bag to allow for continued development after class.


Day 1

  • Introductions and Motivation
  • Basic Electronics Review
  • Soldering Review
  • Alternate Light Source Concepts
  • Projects
    • ALS / Forensic Light
    • Forensic Light Inserts

Day 2

  • Lens Detector Evaluations Lab
  • Introduction to Veroboard
  • Projects
    • Lens Detector
    • Customized Lens Detector Kits

Day 3

  • Ultrasound Concepts
  • Projects
    • Ultrasonic Transmitter
    • Ultrasonic Receiver
    • Ultrasonic Tx/Rx Kits

Day 4

  • Light Modulation Concepts
  • Projects
    • Light Transmitter
    • Light Receiver
    • IR Transmitter
    • IR Detector

Day 5

  • RF Detection Concepts
  • Projects
    • Amplified near-field detection
    • RF Detector Kit