Cyber Intrusion Fundamentals

Target Audience: Entry Level Pentesters, TSCM Personnel, Network Defenders

Instructor: Josiah Bryan (https://halcyonic.net/)

Where: Huntsville, AL
When: You Pick the Date

Prerequisites: None

Maximum Number of Class Slots: 15
Minimum Needed for a Class: 3

Price per Student Slot: $5,695.00

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The Skinny Research and Development Cyber Intrusion Fundamentals (CIF) class is designed to take participating students on a hacker’s journey of initial target identification to fully compromising websites, Windows enterprise networks, cell phones, and home computers. Students and personnel of any skill level will learn the realistic tactics and techniques intruders use to gain unauthorized access to systems worldwide.

Students will be armed with technical and procedural skills required to perform internal and external cyber assessments focused on acquiring unauthorized access to data and computer resources. Without a firm understanding of how hackers successfully execute cyber intrusions, it is impossible to properly defend any electronic asset in an era constructed on Internet-connected devices.

Cyber intrusions can be costly for any organization large or small. This course will uncover the practical approach used by malicious actors to carry out their targeted attacks. Cyber Intrusion Fundamentals is intensely hands-on focused with students participating in class demonstrations and challenges to solidify course content. By the end of the course, students will walk away with a range of tools, software, and write-ups to ensure they can develop their own personal cyber test range.

Students will receive:

  • Course Virtual Machines
  • Laptop PC
  • Course Pentesting Tools and Scripts
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Intrusion Basics

Google Dorking

Finding Credentials

Nmap and Metasploit

Your First Intrusion

Website Basics

Finding Usernames

Weak Passwords

Secrets of the Source

Forcing our Way In

All About Windows

Command Line

Powershell Kung Fu

Remote Powershell Kung Fu

Active Directory Basics

Enumerating the Domain

Abusing Common Misconfigurations

Malware Primer

Writing Adware

Writing Ransomware

Writing a Trojan

Continuous Learning Materials