Rogue Ops- Red Team 1

Target Audience: Pentesters, TSCM Personnel, Network Defenders, Red Team Operators

Instructor: Nick Downer (https://www.roguelabs.io/)

Where: Huntsville, AL or online
When: You Pick the Date

Prerequisites: Cyber/SCADA Intrusion Fundamentals or extensive previous command line experience.

Maximum Number of Class Slots: 15
Minimum Needed for a Class: 5

Price per Student Slot: $5,695.00

Please Contact Us for purchasing information or if you have any questions.

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Skinny R&D, in partnership with Rogue Labs, is now offering Rogue Operations – Red Team 1 (ROPS-RT1) where students execute a real-world inspired Red Team assessment while learning modern Red Team tools and techniques. For those students focused on cyber defense, this course provides an understanding of the tradecraft employed by the adversary when infiltrating, exploiting, and navigating a network. For those wishing to further their pentesting education, the course takes participants through each step of a real offensive cyber operation with live instructors to guide the way. In addition, this course provides continuous learning opportunities through the Rogue Arena online training environment. Continue to master your understanding of the material for 60 days after class, and once ready, take the ROPS-RT1 hands-on certification test. This is an intermediate level class. Students will need the ability to type quickly and accurately, have a keen eye for details, and understand how to navigate Windows and Linux file systems. Students may join this live class in Huntsville, AL or join the class remotely from the comfort of home.

Students will receive:

Rogue Labs Welcome Kit

24/7 access to a private, online training environment hosted in Rogue Arena for 60 days

Access to additional video instruction for 60 days

Three hands-on certification testing attempts to obtain the ROPS-RT1 certification

Bonus stretch goals for each lab. Complete all stretch goals and earn the stretch goal mastery badge.

Two 48-hour guest passes for the Rogue Arena environment


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Red Team, objectives & benefits

Mission Planning & Infrastructure

Recon & Development


Initial Access & Interrogation

Situational Awareness

BOF vs C# Assemblies vs LOLBINs

User Persistence

Local Escalations

DLL Hijacks

Active Directory Enumeration

Domain Escalation

Data Mining for Sensitive Files

Credential Material Collection

Lateral Movement

Domain Fortification

Installing SYSTEM Persistence

Active Directory Trust Enumeration

Lateral Movements to Other Domains

Forest Compromise

Tunneling Red Team Toolsets

Active Directory Certificate Services

Active Directory Misconfigurations

PTT with Rubeus

Mission Impact