TSCM Practical Applications

Target Audience: Government TSCM and Security Professionals

Where: Huntsville, AL
When: You Pick the Date

Prerequisites: Some soldering and basic electronics experience is helpful.

Maximum Number of Class Slots: 12
Minimum Needed for a Class: 3

Price per Student Slot: $5,695.00
Please Contact Us for purchasing information or if you have any questions.

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Finding technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) advanced training that is not solely focused on expensive, vendor specific gear can be difficult. The Skinny R&D Practical Applications class is for those individuals who want to be challenged to build their own gear, find effective, low cost, technical solutions, and manipulate existing gear from other InfoSec disciplines for TSCM purposes all while scrutinizing and improving upon traditional TSCM techniques.

Specifically, at the conclusion of this course students will be able to build their own countermeasures gear from low cost, commercial-off-the-shelf (CoTS) materials and will improve their depth of knowledge in regard to esoteric attack strategies.

ATTENTION: This is a project based course. Every day students will be making a new piece of equipment. If you do not enjoy soldering, electronics, or troubleshooting, this course is not for you. Expect the class to be 90% hands-on.

Please Contact Us for a course outline, a list of student take-home equipment, and a further description.