VoIP Fundamentals (C)

Target Audience: Security Technicians and TSCM Professionals that desire a fundamental understanding of VoIP systems and infrastructure.

Where: Huntsville, AL
When: You Pick the Date

Prerequisites: Basic IP Networking Knowledge

Maximum Number of Class Slots: 12
Minimum Needed for a Class: 3

Price per Student Slot: $5,695.00
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The Skinny Research and Development Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Fundamentals class is designed to teach students about VoIP enterprise systems from the ground up. From the infrastructure that supports a VoIP system to the servers providing each instrument service, this class aims to convey an understanding of the entire system end to end.

Starting with the basics of networking and infrastructure, students will establish a foundation in VoIP telephony. By the end of class students will be able to build, administer, and troubleshoot their own custom VoIP communications system built from commercially available equipment and open source software.

This class is extremely hands-on in nature. In every module on every day students will participate in demonstrations, activities, and labs to reinforce learning objectives. In addition, students will walk away with a range of equipment, projects, and software to ensure they can make their own VoIP laboratory test system.

Students will be given the following equipment to implement their own VoIP networks and practice course objectives long after class has finished.

Students will Receive:

  • Raspberry Pi Kit
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Case
  • Power Supply
  • Headphones with microphone
  • VoIP Telephone
  • Passive Network Tap Kit
  • Analog Telephone Adapter
  • AT&T Analog Telephone
  • Modular Plug Breakout Adapter
  • 16 GB Thumb drive
  • 16 GB Micro SD
  • CAT5 Infrastructure Tool Kit
  • Micro SD to SD adapter
  • CAT5 cabling
  • VoIP Fundamentals Workbook
  • All software applications used during class


Day 1

Telephony and IP Review
VoIP Infrastructure
Network Taps

Day 2

Wireshark and Network Miner
Packet Hunt Lab
VoIP Topology
Stupid Simple VoIP (Quick VoIP Setups)
Session Initiation Protocol

Day 3

Voice to VoIP
Real-time Transport Protocol
VoIP Packet Analysis Lab

Day 4

FreePBX Features
First Dude to the Dial Tone (Challenge Exercise)

Day 5

Programming Instruments
Analog Telephone Adapters
Raspberry Pi PBX
Interfacing with the World