Skinny Secure 001: Monthly Technical Security Update

Every month I will be endeavoring to bring you little security snippets that may be of interest to all the techs out there. This last month has been an interesting one. Below you’ll find the Chinese agricultural espionage, billionaire security, systems, and a how to for getting the NSA’s undivided attention.

General Interest

-Most burglaries take just a few minutes. Are your valuables safe?

-With that said, I’d love to see a burglar give these places a shot.

-Want to be sure to get NSA’s attention?

Security Hacked

-EU Parliament reconsiders WiFi.

Five EU nations were hacked during the G20 conference.

-Researchers figure out a way to hack a system using sound waves.

Cartoon of the Month

NSA never takes a day off.

Buggings and Buggers

-The UK cabinet meetings are now iPad free.

-Customs offices in the Philippines bugged.

-Perv Patrol:

In case you missed it. This one’s from mid-year.


-A Hollywood producer has admitted to spying activities that included brokering weapons deals for Israel.

The Mounties always get their man.

-The Chinese have been spreading their espionage efforts rapidly in the cyber sector and now Agriculture.

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