AI for TSCM (Available Oct. ’24)

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, AI stands as a transformative force. Our ‘AI for TSCM’ course empowers you with the essential knowledge and skills to leverage AI across various technical domains. Whether you’re a seasoned TSCM professional or a newcomer to AI, our program offers a unique opportunity to harness the power of artificial intelligence in TSCM.
Our comprehensive curriculum blends essential AI concepts with hands-on practical labs, ensuring you gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. You’ll explore the capabilities of AI-powered chatbots in ‘Introduction to ChatGPT,’ gain data-driven insights with ‘AI-Driven WiFi and Bluetooth Analysis,’ and detect hidden transmitters and rogue signals in ‘Deep Learning for RF Signal Analysis.’ Each lab focuses on practical skills for real-world applications.
With labs such as “Building AI-Powered TSCM Applications” and “AI-Enhanced Packet Analysis,” you’ll be at the forefront of using AI to enhance security and efficiency.
In an era of rapid technological advancement, AI is becoming an indispensable component of every technical discipline. Staying current with these developments is essential for professionals in technical fields. By mastering AI-driven strategies, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the evolving technical landscape, adapt to emerging trends, and contribute to the continued advancement of technical domains.

Students will receive:

  • Workstation For Training and Running AI Models
  • Pretrained AI Models for TSCM
  • Offline Chat Models Fine-Tuned for TSCM Applications
  • LoRa Analysis Applications
  • AI-Driven Packet Analysis Applications
  • Course Materials and Virtual Machines



Huntsville, AL




5 days

Class Min/Max

3-12 Students



Day 01

AI Essentials
Introduction to ChatGPT
Introduction to Classification
Introduction to Neural Networks
Art of Prompt Engineering
Automating Web Research

Day 02

Building AI-Powered TSCM Applications
Offline Models For Data Privacy
Introduction to Vector Databases
Introduction to Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)
Building An Expert TSCM Chatbot
Talking to Our Data

Day 03

Introduction to Wireshark
Building a Packet Analysis AI Application
AI-Enabled Protocol Analysis
AI-Driven LoRa Analysis
AI-Driven WiFi Analysis

Day 04

AI-Driven Bluetooth Analysis
Traffic summarization
Identifying Behavioral Patterns with Machine Learning
Training Your Own AI Models
AI-Powered Signal Classification

Day 05

Identifying Behavioral Patterns with Machine Learning
Computer Vision for TSCM
Building Change Detection Software
Capture the Flag Event

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