Rogue Ops- Red Team 1 Self Paced

Prerequisite: Cyber/SCADA Intrusion Fundamentals or extensive previous command line experience.

Skinny R&D, in partnership with Rogue Labs, is now offering Rogue Operations- Red Team 1 (ROPS-RT1) where students execute a real-world inspired Red Team assessment while learning modern Red Team tools and techniques. For those students focused on cyber defense, this course provides an understanding of the tradecraft employed by the adversary when infiltrating, exploiting, and navigating a network. For those wishing to further their pentesting education, the course takes participants through each step of a real offensive cyber operation with live instructors to guide the way.

In addition, this course provides continuous learning opportunities through the Rogue Arena online training environment. Continue to master your understanding of the material for 60 days after class, and once ready, take the ROPS-RT1 hands-on certification test.

This is an intermediate level class. Students will need the ability to type quickly and accurately, have a keen eye for details, and understand how to navigate Windows and Linux file systems. Students may join this live class in Huntsville, AL or join remotely from the comfort of home.






See Table Below


1-12 Months

Class Min/Max




Number of Test Vouchers2UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Environment Sharing Users*13510+
Rogue Arena Course Environment Duration1 mo3 mo12 mo12 mo
Number of Additional Red Team Attack Scenarios2UnlimitedUnlimited
Rogue Arena File Upload
Organization/Team Usage Statistics
JQR Library Access
Per User Multi Deployment Support
VM Snapshot Support
40% Discount Voucher for an In-Person Course
Organization Virtual Machine Control**

*Rogue Arena (RA) environment sharing allows an RA subscriber to share their practice environment with another subscriber. Additional attack infrastructure is deployed so students can work as a team operating alongside each other.

**Customer organizations may deem certain Rogue Arena accounts “Organization Admins”, which allows them to view and interact with all
organization user virtual machines.

Students will also receive:

  • Rogue Labs Welcome Kit, including course materials, shipped to their door
  • 24/7 access to a private, online training environment hosted in Rogue Arena for 60 days
  • Bonus stretch goals for each lab. Complete all stretch goals and earn the stretch goal mastery badge.
  • Weekly office hours held by a live instructor to answer your questions

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